Better People
Better Business

The on-going race to find and keep the right talent with the right skills, the current economic climate, the complexity of geopolitics, amongst other issues, are testing organizations.  We want to support your business and people to thrive in an unpredictable world.

Transformation is no longer an option, it’s a necessity.

We understand how important it is to maximise the value of employees to enable and drive business results.  By aligning a business' strategy to people initiatives, we can enable your business to unlock the potential of your people, build trust in your market and deliver sustained outcomes. HR has grown into one of the most critical and dynamic functions in today’s digitally focused organisations.

How can we help your business?

Our team helps clients transition to more agile and digital HR teams, leveraging people analytics, and optimising employee engagement through data driven insights.

Big picture thinking, local level execution support

We can help your People team understand the bigger picture of business growth and development to scale up and down – thinking big, delivery locally.

Guiding C-suite and Leaders in building businesses

We have the gravitas and experience to help your leaders identify and build the tools needed to build your business in its next adventure.

Challenge and develop Leaders, Managers and Employees
Provide strategic level programs

Gaining and using market intelligence to help you tap into known and unknown talent pools to grow diverse led businesses is a program we have delivered many times. We have helped clients to map out the next steps of creating a vibrant culture to retain top talent to drive the business forward. Connecting data points together to support data-driven decisions, frameworks and market intelligence in order to make well-rounded and employee adored compensation decisions to increase motivation, engagement and delivery.

Strength in Depth

We can use our collective and individual experience to bring you strength in depth in shaping your People needs. If you want to an integrated set of programs that look at hiring market intelligence, through to industry leading hiring practices, to providing an A* onboarding journey for all your new joiners through to devising and iterating on an engagement strategy utilizing data intelligence to build action planning, through to creating talent agenda’s and strategies, market leading compensation programs using strong market data to devising a global mobility strategy, or underpinning all or parts of this journey using industry leading HRIS and insights, we’re here to partner with you.

What services do we offer?

We have a range of consultancy services to meet all of your Company's needs, whether your requirement is for an integrated approach for multiple programs across the parts of HR or a focus on one particular part, we can help you with:

Talent Planning Process & Solution Design

Every business is different, every aim is different. We can help you to take market best practice and mould this around the culture you have.  We will also support you in terms of what you need to do in order to source, hire, develop, motivate, grow and mature employees as you grow.

Engagement Strategies

Having an engaged workforce is key for a business to grow and build its market position. We can help you to create a strategy, provide you with tools and systems to underpin your strategy, help you identify trends in both quantitative and qualitative data to help you set real-time action plans to boost engagement.

Business Partnering

HR is an agile place in the digital age. The business world is set for an ever-changing environment. We can partner with you to help you and your HR team navigate this agile world.

Change Programs

We know that businesses need to remain agile and fast moving to stay ahead of the competition. We can help you design, iterate and grow change programs to enable engagement and motivation to increase in times of change.

M&A and Integration

We can help you set a strategy on M&A activity and provide you with an agile blueprint to integrate businesses seamlessly.

Culture / EVP

We can help you design programs that integrate strategies and operational tasks that build culture and EVP.


Your people are your greatest strength. We partner with our Recruitment Consultancy arm and start by harnessing data sources to help you build a strategic hiring plan, tapping into market intelligence to find the right people, in the right places at the right time, attracting diverse talent pools and recruiting individuals who create impact and contribute your collaborative cultures to fuel your businesses growth.

Helping you manage performance

By promoting open communication, collaboration, a culture of continuous feedback and accountability, Performance Management contributes to optimising performance, driving employee engagement, and ultimately contributing to the success of the organisation. It enables managers to identify strengths and areas for improvement, facilitating targeted training and skills development. We can help you on how to set clear expectations, providing regular feedback, identifying areas for improvement, and recognising achievements, Performance Management fosters professional growth and enhances individual skills.

Learning and Growth

Our team provides frameworks and best in class partners to deliver learning and development strategies at every stage of both the business and their employees development. We work with leaders to identify the skills their teams need to grow, stay agile and adapt to change. Then we design and deliver training and learning programs to help each client help their employees reach their full potential. We also provide leadership training frameworks to enable businesses to navigate the changing nature of the business world.

Rewarding your employees

We help you identify your organisational values and company culture to define reward principles that enable you define and scale pay and reward approaches to grow your business in this hyper-competitive talent market. We help our clients to build agile reward frameworks that help to motivate employees to both retain their skills and deliver on business goals. We’ll help you construct communication channels to make sure reward frameworks are understood and are able to remain agile.

Better Learning & Talent Development

When it comes to development, learning never stops and neither do we.

Learning needs analysis

We help by understanding what the real learning needs are and the core behaviours which enable your people to flourish. Where are the capability-gaps? What does your supply-chain of skills look like?

Talent Development

Nowadays, employees and leaders require a simplified talent model and process which is strengths-based and focused on development rather than competitive assessment. We help create behavioral frameworks and talent assessments with straightforward guidance for talent managers.


We help to streamline the process of bringing in new employees by introducing them to social and performance aspects of their job as early as possible. The goal is getting them adjusted quickly which in turn increases productivity and job satisfaction, and reduces turnover.

Performance Development

Through setting clear expectations, focusing on evidence-based feedback, identifying areas for improvement, and recognising achievements, our expertise on performance development frameworks enables professional growth and enhances individual skills.

Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

Our system is designed to capture the most important person – the learner - through creating an intuitive and engaging platform that prioritises the user and inspires learning that contributes to achieving business goals.

Leader and Manager Development

We help to identify managers and leaders at all levels and provide appropriate support at the right time that is grounded in the leadership philosophy: Leading Self, Leading Others, Creating Community.

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